Bivy Sack

Bivy Sack

Bivy Sack

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

Bivy Sack – It’s like sleeping under the stars.  Do you like to travel light?  Look no further for the Bivy Sack provides a strong protection from the elements while providing a unique camping and sleeping experience.

Originally designed for climbers but the bivy sack has transformed and is starting to draw the attention to backpackers and fans of light weight sleeping gear.

The Bivy Sack comes slightly different from one another.  Most are made from nylon materials that will provide you with the water and wind protection you desire.  Don’t forget the additional durability as well like the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy is known to have.  Its shock-corded poles allow it to keep the bivy sack off your face while sleeping along with plenty of room for thicker sleeping pads which provide additional comfort.

Black Diamond Bipod Bivy Sack

Looking for a bivy sack with a more “tent-like” feel then the Black Diamond Bipod Camping Bivy Sack is for you.  This sack bridges the gap between standard bivvies and more tent style shelters. Provides great water and wind protection with its aluminum pole structure.  Most are equipped with large zippers allowing for easy access and also with superb ventilation.  The Black Diamond features a mesh panel allowing you to feel the breeze laying underneath the stars while also keeping mosquitoes away which is a plus.

The Bivy Sack will keep you warm and dry which is what every camper expects.  You’ll notice a big different in your sleeping arrangements. Don’t be left out and try out a Bivy Sack today.

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