Camping Backpack

Camping Backpack

Camping Backpack

Deuter Aircontact 55 + 10 Pack

Camping Backpack – Having the right camping backpack is important. It can be a huge discomfort and you can also be at a disadvantage if you’re not set up with the right gear. The camping backpack you decide to use needs to fit your need and based on the length of your trip.  Don’t select a cheap or inferior pack for you may end up sorry the entire trip.  Look for a design and fit that works for you and go with it.

There are several backpacks out there so selecting the right camping backpack can be difficult and cumbersome.

Some things you should consider when selecting.

  • Weight – The right camping backpack needs to be proportionate to your own weight.  If you don’t pay attention to the weight it will affect your balance.  This can affect your footing on the trail so balance is important.
  • Flexibility – Being able to have a camping backpack that allows you to turn and flex at will.  Nothing like backpacks that are ridged.  That’s not good at all.
  • Size – The right camping backpack needs to be proportionate to your size.  If you’re 4ft 10in then the Deuter Aircontact 55 + 10 would not be right for you.
  • Features – Adequate pockets and compartments keep your stuff organized.  Knowing where all your equipment, clothes and accessories are at any given time is important.  You don’t want to have to spend extra time on the trail looking for an extra pair of socks or poncho in a sudden downpour.
  • Durability – Having a camping backpack that will last a while is a good investment.  Packs which offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee are great indicators of superior packs.
  • Color – Why not pick out your favorite color?  Have some style.

Remember, the right camping backpack will make or break your trip.  Just as you want to pack the right socks and boots for any trip selecting the right camping backpack should take the same kind of careful consideration.

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