Camping Cookware

Camping Cookware

Camping Cookware

MSR Flex 3 System Cook Set

Camping Cookware – Using the right camping cookware is important on any outdoor trip. It all depends if you’re backpacking or staying for a while in a national park will determine how much camping cookware you’ll need.

Finding systems that are functional in all situations is beneficial because it’s not fun having to carry in extra equipment which adds to the weight especially if you’re backpacking. It’s always good to be prepared but when it comes to utensils and camping cookware be sure to limit the amount of items you bring.

Some of the things you should consider when selecting your camping cookware:

Weight: If you’re backpacking then weight is really a factor.  A lightweight mess kit is practical.  If you still have a steel mess kit it’s time for an upgrade to a more present day aluminum model.  Don’t weigh yourself down with additional weight on the trail.  As long as you have the room and are staying a while weight is not a factor so try  out the MSR Flex 3 System Cook Set.

Functionality: Make sure your camping cookware is functional.  There’s nothing like having camping cookware that takes up a lot of space and additional weight and does not do the job.

Camping Cookware

MSR Alpine Fry Pan

Camping Cookware

Liberty Mountain Deluxe Mess Kit

Pots/Pans: Keep your pot and pans small relevant to the size of your party.  Never bring pots and pans on a backpacking trip.  The mess kit comes with a small pot and pan which works for one person.  If multiple people are involved they can wait their turn to cook over the stove.  Larger groups can use a larger stove with 2 burners which will allow for frying pans and larger pots.

Stoves: 1 or 2 burner stoves are common for camping cookware.  Backpacking on the trail only requires a lightweight 1-burner stove while a longer trip will warrant 2 or 3 more burners.   One for every three hikers is a good ratio.

Camping Cookware

Sea to Summit Alpha Knife, Fork and Spoon Set

Utensils: Make sure your utensils are light and durable. Try to stay away from metal for they will weigh you down.  Whenever possible pick up a spork.  Use your pocket knife for your knife if you don’t mind but make sure it’s clean before using.  When backpacking try to limit your meals so that multiple utensils such as spatulas are not required as they can bring on unnecessary weight on the trail.  Of course your menu will always determine the utensils you pack but make sure you pack conservatively.

Cleaning Supplies: Bring some dish soap from home in a small travel size tube so you can clean your mess kits and camping cookware.  Nothing like eating from nasty mess kits until the next meal whenever that may be.  Make sure you rinse your camping cookware with clean water to prevent any bacteria buildup as well.

All the above are just some of the camping cookware essentials you’ll need to consider when making plans


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