Camping in the Rain

Camping in the Rain

camping in the rain

camping in the rain

Camping in the rain can be fun or a lesson learned.  Have you ever gone camping with rain in the forecast?  It can be an educational experience without a doubt.  You need to make camping fun no matter the weather conditions.  Live life to the fullest while camping in the rain.

I went to Blood Mountain once.  I must say my experience of it was not one of the best but looking back on it I learned some valuable lessons while camping in the rain.  And boy did it rain that weekend.

If you’re considering going camping on a weekend where it might rain consider packing these items which will assist in making a challenging trip, well, not so challenging.

  • Bring plenty of Tarps – nobody likes to be in a tent all day.  If you have a ten person tent you might be okay but you’re going camping to be out in nature so you want to at least try to enjoy the outdoors.

You can purchase your own rain tarps and set them up among some trees with rope.  Use this area as your cooking area as well.

  • Make sure your tents are properly secured – If it’s windy then your tent will blow over and could soak your gear.  While in the mountains gusts of wind are common and unexpected at times. Not fun.

Make sure your tent has a waterproof bottom. Most tents today have a sewn in tarp. When I was in boy scouts for some reason our leaders purchased tents without tarps sewn in so we always had to make sure we had ground tarps to prevent from getting wet.  How we prepared them would determine if we got wet or not.  Exposed tarps will allow rain to seep under the tent. This happened to me from time to time growing up.  Always have tents with the internal tarp or camping in the rain will be miserable!

  • Make sure your sleeping bag is water proof or water resistant – Sleeping bags that are made of cotton are not good and I must caution bringing them if rain is in the forecast at all.

If your sleeping bag gets wet I would not suggest trying to dry it over a campfire. If you were actually able to dry it would you sleep in a smoky sleeping bag?  I had a summer cotton sleeping bag that got wet when I wet to Blood Mountain.  My leaders were trying to dry it in front of a smoky fire. Not a pretty picture. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time and guess I trusted them that it just might dry in time to go to sleep (we ended up leaving the site early and going home because half the troop had wet gear).

  • Bring a pancho – My first pancho was one of those drape over ones which exposes your legs.  Those are okay but I don’t recommend them. Pay a little more money for the separate jacket and pants combo.  You won’t have to keep adjusting and can enjoy the rain and trip knowing you’re going to stay dry.

In the end camping in the rain although not desirable will happen at least once in your lifetime.  Live it up and enjoy it.  Learn something from it and share.

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