Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern – Never leave home without a camping lantern.  Make sure you select the right one for your next trip.  Let us tell you what to look for.

There are several kinds of camping lanterns but making sure you select the right one can be difficult sometimes.   Here are some general things to consider when making your selection.

Destination:  If you’re going on a hiking trip a camping lantern would not be a good item to pack.  You want to travel light so utilizing flashlights would be best so leave the lanterns at home when hiking.

Length of Trip:  Get a camping lantern that will withstand the duration of your trip.  Get one that will do the job and provide adequate lighting for your campsite.  Make sure you have an adequate power supply to last the entire trip whether it’s battery, propane or fuel.

Weight:  This is not so much a factor since the majority of your lanterns should be set in a stationary position throughout the trip.  There may be times where you transfer the camping lantern from a general gathering area closer to a tent before heading to bed.  We suggest picking up a stand.

Functionality:  Your camping lantern should be easy to use.  Easy set-up and quick to light. When you arrive at night there’s nothing worse than having to mess around with a lantern in the dark.  If you have a camping lantern which has mantles go ahead and pre-clip or pre-string them beforehand.

Power:  Whether you chose a battery, propane or fuel (kerosene) camping lantern it’s based on personnel preference.  A simple overnight trip may only require a battery camping lantern while longer trips will require either propane or fuel.  You should also consider cost in here as well.

Consider the above and you will be well on your way in choosing the right camping lantern for your next trip.

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