Camping Tarp

Camping Tarp

Camping Tarp – Why not bring a good camping tarp with you? It’s always good to have one handy. Whether you’re going to use it as a shelter from the rain or sun during the day or simply as a ground cloth a good camping tarp is important.

Camping Tarp

Crazy Creek B.A. Tarp – Institutional

A good place to set up your kitchen is important. Nothing like rain in the forecast and not being properly prepared.

With about 120 square feet of coverage Crazy Creek’s B.A. Camping Tarp is very functional.  Anything you think of requires adequate shelter from the rain or sun such as your base camp kitchen, picnic table, bike field repairs or kid’s play area.

Your camping tarp should be made of durable material such as nylon fabrics which make tarps resistant to tearing and water penetration.

A good camping tarp is perfect for frequent use on several weekend outings and even summer-long outdoor trips.  If you plan on hauling one of these around in your backpack or while cycling, you should also check out Crazy Creek’s B.A. Camping Tarp – Lite.  Same amount of coverage at nearly half the weight.  What a novel concept! Pick up a camping tarp today.

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