Camping Tents

Camping Tents

Camping Tents – The kind of camping tents you select to bring on your outdoor trips will be determined by the number of people, kind of grounds and the location.  There are several different kinds of camping tents to choose from so choose wisely.

camping tents

Mountain Hardwear Sprite 1 Tent

1-Person Camping Tents: For the solo backpacker, the Mountain Hardwear Sprite 1 Tent is small and won’t weigh down your pack. Plenty of room for one person and your gear. Great head room as well that won’t give you a claustrophobic feeling. Extremely lightweight, strong poles and durable material strong enough to withstand any stormy weather. If you enjoy sleeping alone, maybe a loner, a rebel then the Mountain Hardwear Sprite 1 Camping is the tent for you.

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Sierra Designs Meteor Light 2 Person Tent

2-Person Camping Tents: The Sierra Design Meteor Light is the tent that’s known to be copied by every other outfitter.  It’s the only tent to have ever won the Backpacker “Editors’ Choice Gold” award.  Lightweight, solid and the dual doors are just a few of it’s many features.  The Meteor Light’s can tackle any terrain and is easy to set up with it’s efficient 3-pole design and stake securing feature in order to stake the tent before set up just in case of windy or stormy weather.  Sierra design really thinks ahead.  So, bring a buddy and tackle any trip with the Sierra Design Meteor Light tent.

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Sierra Designs Meteor Light 3 Person Tent

3-Person Camping Tents:  The Sierra Design Meteor Light also has a 3-person tent.  They say threes are always a crowd but the more the merrier when camping.  One can do the cooking, one can gather firewood and the other can set up the tent.

4-Person Plus Camping Tents: Have a big family or troop?

camping tents

Coleman Elite Montana 8

How big is your family or scout troop?  Why not go on an extended excursion with the Coleman Elite Montana 8 Tent?  This tent offers one of the best outdoor experiences.

It measures 16′ x 7′ along with a center height of 6’2″, How tall are you?  For the average American male this tent will work.  The Montana 8 sleeps 8 people comfortably.  With its hinged door allows for easy in and out traffic and don’t forget the Coleman exclusives like the self-rolling windows which let’s you adjust the window opening to your liking with ease and the special tent light which sheds a super-bright 350 lumens which is included as well.

Set up couldn’t be easier!  The shock-corded poles, continuous pole sleeves, pin-and-ring design and InstaClip attachments make it easy.  And finally, the durable carrying bag along with storage sacks for the tent poles and stakes.  Total weight = 28.9 lbs.  What more could you ask for?  Don’t need an 8 person tent? Try any of the other tents above.

Tip: Make sure your camping tents have internal floor tarps.  Anything else will tear over time and will be damp. Have a buddy you want to bring along.  It’s always a great idea to camp with someone.  Just in case something happens the other can go get help. Remember, cell phones probably won’t work where you’re going so plan ahead (first aid kit).

Always make sure that you pick up the right camping tents specific to your needs.

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