Coleman Propane Lantern

Coleman Propane Lantern

Coleman Propane Lantern

Coleman Propane Lantern NorthStar InstaStart

Have you ever used a Coleman Propane Lantern? They’re still the best on the market today and have a few additional features that you’ll enjoy.

A Coleman Propane Lantern is now equipped with matchless lighting capabilities.  With its electronic ignition say good-bye to matches.

Older models were known to have glass globes that broke frequently. Now retrofitted with a metal guard prevents globe breakage. Doesn’t that some amazing?

Mantles configured with Insta-Clip are a plus instead of the older string tie mantle models. Got a burn out?  Be ready with a new mantle in no time. The new Coleman Propane Lantern also comes with an enlarged base which prevents tipping.  Wow, what else can we ask for?

With all the new features found on these updated lanterns it’s no wonder why they still lead the industry. Don’t get left out in the dark and light up your camp site with a Coleman Propane Lantern tonight.

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