Cumberland Island National Seashore

Cumberland Island National Seashore

cumberland island national seashore

Dungenous Mansion

Cumberland Island National Seashore – Have you ever been? If you’re looking for a secluded national park then it’s one to consider.  You won’t be disappointed.

Wild horses, armadillos and raccoons are just some of the animals you’ll find on Cumberland Island National Seashore. With the beaches and campsites available to all visitors the island is 6 miles wide and about 17 miles long even the most avid camper will enjoy. Beware of the beaches; a high population of sharks are prevalent but few recorded attacks have occurred more than likely due to the low swimmer count on a daily basis on Cumberland Island National Seashore.

The story of the Dungenous Mansion is always a local favorite as well. Horses frequent this area so you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities. You’ll even find horses on the beach from time to time.

Access to the Cumberland Island National Seashore is only by boat; either private or local ferry. The ferry ports at St. Marys, GA and departs two times per day. I recommend calling to ensure available space while the park only allows 300 people at any given time.

Be careful of raccoons at night. Make sure you secure your food in a container with locked latches. Raccoon’s are mischievous and can amaze you at their skills. They have hands which are very functional as ours so if you can get into something easily then think of a raccoons’ ability as well. I remember camping at Cumberland Island National Seashore as a kid and at night would hear the raccoons fighting outside my tent. I was reminded by my scout leader to make sure we didn’t have any food inside our tents. They would joke around and also say to not burp food for raccoons are able to smell the food and then would claw their way into our tents. I don’t know how true that was but didn’t want to find out.

They appear to have no fear for they would come into our campsite unannounced and you could be staring down a raccoon. They are just as scared as they are bold so do not be afraid.

I would definitely recommend the Cumberland Island National Seashore for it is a hidden treasure. Once you’re on the island the preferred transportation method is by foot so come prepared to walk. I would not recommended this location for first time campers since access to the island is limited.  So, remember when you’re making out your bucket list to put the Cumberland Island National Seashore as a destination.

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