Dorcy Flashlights

Dorcy Flashlights

Dorcy Flashlights

Dorcy 180 Lumen High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight

Dorcy Flashlights are superior flashlights that stand up to anything.  Going camping for the weekend?  Bring your Dorcy Flashlight and you’ll see how it withstands any test you put it through.

Dorcy Flashlights

Dorcy 41-1467 220 Lumen Super Flux LED Submersible Dive Light

Models come in various forms.  All are constructed with strong materials such as impact resistant plastic/rubber to aluminum alloy.  These flashlights are tested for extreme outdoor use.

Unbelievable brightness with power ranging from 45 to 200 lumens. The Dorcy 180 Lumen High Flux LED Cyber can project a 1000 foot beam of light which really lights up the night.

Dorcy Flashlights are known for their long lasting battery life, lifetime bulbs, LED technology, submersible capabilities up to 100 meters and durable features such as rubber grips and buttons.  It’s no wonder why Dorcy Flashlights have been a campers favorite.

Light up your campsite with one tonight.

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