Dutch Ovens

Dutch Ovens

Dutch Ovens

Lodge Tall Boy Camp Dutch Ovens Tripod – Cookware

Dutch Ovens – You can still have great meals while camping even away from home. They will help you get that yummy meal you need after a long day.

Dutch Ovens have been around a long time.  Make sure you keep up with your cooking skills and make sure you get a cookbook on how to make some good meals.  It’s not that hard but it’s always good to come prepared before you have to make a meal from scratch and you’re stuck hungry.

You’ll want to make sure you have a tripod for your dutch ovens.  You want to make sure they’re properly elevated above your fire or you can just set them on a bed of coals.  It’s your choice.  This tripod is designed for dutch ovens.  Strong enough to hold any size and will last a lifetime.

Championship Dutch Ovens Cookbooks

Cookbooks for dutch ovens are relatively available and are a good source for ideas.  Recipes that are specifically designed for dutch ovens will allow you to stay full while camping.  Packed with about 200 recipes you’ll enjoy.

Dutch Ovens

World Championship Dutchs Ovens Cookbooks

You may also want to try the World Championship Cookbook.  It’s filled with 88-pages of recipes covering the basics.  It makes cooking with dutch ovens easy.

GSI Dutch Ovens – 12in. – 5qt. – Cast Aluminum

Dutch ovens come in various sizes.  Most are made of cast iron which is heavy but new technology has allowed many to be made with cast aluminum.  Just as durable and a third of the weight.  The GSI Outdoor Dutch Ovens is 12 inches holding 5 quarts weighing in just under 7 pounds.  Durable and rust-proof so it’ll last you and can be put to the test.  Made with non-stick material which makes clean up easy.

Dutch Ovens

Camp Chef Dutch Ovens 4 Quart-10 inch – Cast Iron

Want a more traditional approach?  Get a hearty flavor out of cast iron.  Cook the traditional dutch oven way with charcoal or wood.  Prepare the same great meals.

Dutch Ovens

Camp Chef Dutch Ovens Lid Lifter 14 inch

Make sure you don’t forget the Camp Chef Lid Lifter.  You’ll need it to lift up your dutch ovens lid because they’re hot.

Dutch ovens are recommended if you’ll spending a weekend camping trip with larger groups.  Definitely not for hiking or overnight camping.  Too heavy and too much gear to consider.

Everyone needs at least one to make a hearty meal while outdoors. Get excited about cooking some great meals that you will love with Dutch Ovens.

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