Fire Building Camping Tips

Fire Building Camping Tips

Fire Building Camping Tips – Find useful fire building camping tips that will work and enhance your outdoor experience.

Fire Building Camping Tips #1: Make sure you collect enough firewood before starting your fire.  Often times we can get excited about making fires but forget that when it gets dark nobody seems to want to leave the comfort of them to collect firewood.  When you think you have collected enough firewood go ahead and collect more just in case.  It’s better to have more wood than not enough and end up having to limit the size of the fires especially on colder nights.

Fire Building Camping Tips

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Fire Building Camping Tips #2: Matches, flint and steel, dryer lint and fat lighter are just some forms of starting essentials we would suggest bringing on your trip.  Now, you might not have to use the dryer lint but in a bind you might want to consider it (especially if the ground is wet).  Fat lighter will provide an instant flame that will burn longer.  Matches are easy while flint and steel will take some patience.

Fire Building Camping Tips #3: Never use gasoline to start your fires.  This is important and you’ll never see any Boy Scout troop doing this.  If you ever do we would not suggest joining them for who knows what else you’ll learn that’s not right.

Fire Building Camping Tips #4: Kindling is the smallest form of firewood you will collect.  Kindling is about the length of your finger and as wide as a toothpick.  Collect plenty to make sure your fires have a chance to catch on.

Fire Building Camping Tips #5: Use only local firewood.  Some campsites do not allow you to bring in your own firewood.  If that is the case then there will more than likely be plenty of wood on the ground.  There are often campground hosts equipped to sell you firewood as well.

Fire Building Camping Tips #6: You should build fires only in designated areas.  These are normally already established or were at some point in time.  If the site has a lot of debris make sure you remove it from the fire ring and around at least a foot to prevent any embers igniting.

Fire Building Camping Tips #7:  If you catch yourself in a situation where it has rained prior to your arrival and you want to start a fire it is still possible.  Kindling is small and can often be found under leaves or pine needles on the ground.  Even in the most wet conditions pieces of kindling manage to stay dry under leaves and pine needles.  If you collect enough (note this may take a while) to the point where you have enough to start a fire larger pieces may be applied which will probably be still wet but will burn even so.

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