General Camping Tips

General Camping Tips

General Camping Tips – There are several different kinds of camping tips out there.  Don’t go camping without knowing these useful tips.

Camping Tips #1: Make sure what you bring into a campsite is what you bring out. Dogeneral camping tips not remove any equipment or vegetation.  Bringing trash bags is a good idea.  When I was in Boy Scouts we would “police” the campsite before leaving. Although at the time I was ready to go I now know the valuable lesson I was learning. In other words, pick up all your trash before you leave any campsite. If you find trash while cleaning up that you know wasn’t yours when you arrived be a good camper and take it with you on your way out.

Camping Tips #2: Make sure you research the camping grounds you’re about to travel to. Nothing like not being prepared.  As a Boy Scout you must always be prepared for camping and with the age of the internet there’s really no excuse because somebody has already been there and done that.

Camping Tips #3: Check the weather before your camping trip.  This will determine the types of clothing you’ll bring.  Whether cold, hot or rainy will determine what you pack.

general camping tipsCamping Tips #4: Bring at least 10 feet of nylon rope.  You never know when you might need some.  Setting up a tarp for a cooking area or an area to congregate when it’s raining is nice.  A clothes line is a possibility or setting up a bear bag.  You just never know.  Bring string as well.

Camping Tips #5: Make sure your tent has an inner layer tarp. Make sure the seams are above ground to prevent standing water leaking through the tent material.  In case you forget a tarp as your ground base at least you’ll still have adequate protection from standing water from any rain forecast.

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