Intex Elevated Air Mattress

Intex Elevated Air Mattress

Intex Elevated Air Mattress

Intex Elevated Air Mattress – Queen

The Intex Elevated Air Mattress is one of the most comfortable air mattresses you’ll ever sleep on.  Have you ever slept on a comfortable air mattress?  Utilize it as a spare bed and you’ll find out how it’s one of the best out there.

We have gotten so many uses out of Intex Elevated Air Mattress since we purchased it months ago. We just got back from my uncle’s and there weren’t enough beds. No problem, I was on the Intex Elevated Air Mattress for 3 nights.  Get yourself some good sheets for it to add to the comfort. With my previous experiences with other air mattresses my back was never the same in the morning.  Plus, the Intex Elevated Air Mattress has a built in pump.  Most other mattresses require an additional external pump which are always a hassle.  I entertain the price here for the internal air pump which pays for itself since all you have to do is plug it into any outlet and flip the switch.

The Intex Elevated Air Mattress inflates and deflates with ease.  Since the pump is built into the mattress you’re not bothered having to bend and kneel to inflate it.  You can spend more time doing other important things while getting ready to go to bed.

This makes for a good camping air mattress as well.  The Intex Elevated Air Mattress fits snug in a 3-person tent with no additional tent floor space so if that bothers you I would suggest using the Ozark Trail Air Mattress in a 5-person or more tent.

Surprising enough this is a Wal-Mart air mattress brand and the quality couldn’t be better. For the price you get a good quality product that will last.  The material is durable and comes with a useful storage pack with straps which is an added bonus compared to other air mattresses. Check out the Intex Elevated Air Mattress here!

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