Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Marmot Couloir 0 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bags

Do Mummy Sleeping Bags really work? It’s an interesting name but you can’t go wrong with when you use one for you’ll actually feel the benefits right away.

Mummy Sleeping Bags really do work and are the preferred choice for many campers.

Mummy sleeping bags allow you to stay warmer by shaping to your body which allows you to conserve your body heat more efficiently.

Whether you need a 0-Degree, 15-Degree or 30- Degree bag, mummy sleeping bags make sure you don’t get left out in the cold.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Marmot Helium MemBrain 15F Mummy Sleeping Bags

Growing up I have to admit I went cold weather camping with my Boy Scout troop with a summer bag.  I must have been the only one that was bundled up with layers of clothes and that annoying emergency blanket that would ruffle and make noise every time you moved around.  I wasn’t the most popular kid in the tent with that blanket.

Finally after several years of camping and finding myself yet again in the situation of going on another cold weather camp out unprepared I finally bought one.

From the beginning you will feel a difference!

No longer did I have to bundle up but I was down to my under-ware!

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Marmot Never Winter 30 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bags

Everyone always told me mummy sleeping bags will enhance your camping experience but I had to really find out for myself.  I was sold on the first night.  They may cost more than your average bag but isn’t your health and sanity worth it?  I would definitely say so.  Why put yourself through the torture I did?

To be honest if you’re highly claustrophobic I would not recommend any mummy sleeping bags to you.  I have a mild case of claustrophobia but nothing that would hinder me from buying or using mummy sleeping bags.  In order to get the full benefits of these particular mummy sleeping bags you must use it as instructed.

You really will feel the difference and won’t be disappointed.  Find out today if mummy sleeping bags really work for you.

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