Rain Camping Tips

Rain Camping Tips

Rain Camping Tips – These will help you have an enjoyable experience when it’s wet outside.  Here are some rain camping tips you should consider before venturing off on a rainy trip.

Rain Camping Tips #1: Make sure you bring extra tarps.  Setting up an outdoor shelterrain camping tips where you can venture out and congregate while it’s raining so as to not be all cooped up in your tent. Plus, a covered cooking area is important to keep the elements from affecting your cooking.

Rain Camping Tips #2: Make sure your tent has a tarp sewn into the bottom of it.  I grew up with a tent in boy scouts that did not have this feature and sometimes water leaked in. Not fun.  If you happen to have a tent without this feature bring an extra tarp to put underneath your tent. Make sure it’s completely tucked under the base of the tent and none of it is exposed.  If you forget to do this the water will settle and drain under your tent.

Rain Camping Tips #3: Bring a two piece poncho on your trip.  The basic cheap emergency poncho although important will not provide you enough protection.  The separate jacket and pants will provide maximum protection from the rainy weather keeping you warmer and dryer.

Rain Camping Tips #4: Make sure you check your tent for a tarp.  All tents come with this feature but just check to make sure no holes are present and if it’s still along with the tent.  Also, consider checking that all the fastening hooks on the tarp are functional.  I had a tent growing up where one of the plastics hooks was deformed.  Bring an extra hook and bungee cord whenever possible.

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