Zero Degree Sleeping Bags

Zero Degree Sleeping Bags

Zero Degree Sleeping Bags – How do you rank them?

Zero Degree Sleeping Bags – You can look at the European Norm (EN) 13537 methodology test which determines the comfort level of sleeping bags.  Men and women have different levels of comfort in sleeping bags noting that women normally sleep colder with the same zero degree sleeping bags used by men.  Interesting, huh?   So, separate ratings will be used to determine each genders terms.

Zero Degree Sleeping Bags really range based on the company brand but are fairly close to accurate due to the fact that many of the sleeping bag manufacturers these days are following the EN standard.

Whether you select down or synthetic materials will affect your level of comfort in zero degree sleeping bags.

Down is fluffy plumage which is formed as the undercoating of ducks and geese. A disadvantage though is when down gets wet it will lose its insulating properties.  Higher end zero degree sleeping bags have a shell fabric to protect against damp conditions which beads water providing an additional layer of protection.  If you require additional warmth, strength and compact-ability then down zero degree sleeping bags will work for you.  The investment may set you back but will be worth it for it’s long last durability.  But if you find yourself camping in damper climates you might want to consider zero degree sleeping bags made of synthetic instead.

Synthetics retain their warmth for the most part even when wet.  They are a very good choice for damp climates for they will not require higher quality zero degree sleeping bags to protect against dampness.  The weight to warmth ratio is not as good as down but unfortunately constant stuffing will result in the insulating strength to weaken over time.  For the price synthetic sleeping bags are a good value for compactness, durability and work well in all climate conditions.

Selecting the right zero degree sleeping bags are not as hard as they first appear.  If you’re not sure which one to get you can always return it.  Manufacturers and retails have great return policies. What do you have to lose?

Check out these great choices today!

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